September 23, 2009

Stupid people and their wacky protest signs!

Toss a rock into the air at any protest rally and the chances are very good that the rock will come down on the head of an idiot holding a sign that either a) has nothing to do with the topic of the protest rally, or b) is retarded.

What is it about protest rallies that brings out the wackadoos? It's like they all subscribe to the same newsletter or something. If there's a protest rally within 50 yards of a WalMart, a Cracker Barrel or a Piggly Wiggly, you are guaranteed to see some very interesting signs... Signs that tell us we need to seriously reinvest in public education.

Apparently, this dude is still pissed off at Erin Moran for leaving Happy Days for Joanie Loves Chachi. What? Oh, he's just an idiot who can't spell? Nevermind.

Why is it that severely stupid people always seem so pleased with themselves? This guy could benefit from a good, solid round house kick to the throat. Maybe that would improve his grammar.

Tell-tale signs that you are in the presence of a certifiably stupid wackadoo:
1) Their entire outfit has been crudely fashioned out of the local high school's American flag.
2) They are creating a sign using a discarded piece of cardboard and a crayon they stole from a 7 year old.
3)Not only is their sign misspelled, but the lettering on their sign randomly changes from uppercase to lowercase then back to uppercase.

For the record, I have zero tolerance for stupid people. Honestly, I think they should be shipped off to the Isle of Stupid (it's just off the coast of Fiji) where they can stupidly frolic, do really stupid things and chatter non-stop about stupid stuff.

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